Our Retailers

Discover an enticing and distinctive shopping experience, right at the heart of the city. Within one of Manchester’s most iconic buildings, you’ll find some of the world’s favourite high-street brands, chic independent stores and luxury boutiques.

Stroll along the historic arcade or take a seat in one of the irresistible cafés and restaurants – whatever takes your fancy, the Royal Exchange is an unmissable destination for the city’s most discerning shoppers.

Explore our range of stores, from world-renowned designers and high-street fashion to chic boutiques you won’t find elsewhere. With over 30 to choose from, it’ll be hard to tear yourself away.

1. Arthur Kay & Bro Jewellers
23. The Swiss Watch Shop
2. Molton Brown
24. City Specs
3. Moda In Pelle
25. The Butchers Chop Shop
4. Whittard of Chelsea
26. Jenny Jones Jewellery
5. L’Occitane
27. Aston’s of Manchester
6. Lush
28. Alterations Boutique
7. The Body Shop
29. Redz Diamonds
8. Scribbler
30. Michael’s Coffee House
9. Hotel Chocolat
31. Sostrene Grene
10. Origin Kicks
32. London Camera Exchange
11. Simply News
33. Retail Opportunity
12. Royal Exchange Flowers
34. Fjällräven
13. Insomnia Cookies
35. Yards Store
14. Fridays
36. Sean Rayment Boutique
15. Retail Opportunity
37. Annies
16. Designer Exchange
38. Watches of Switzerland
17. Retail Opportunity
39. Lululemon
18. Pure Piercing
40. Retail Opportunity
19. Paper Kisses
41. Mint Velvet
20. Diamond Heaven
42. Mulberry
21. Mays Jewellers
43. The Whisky Shop
22. James Roberts Beauty
44. Theatre & Rivals Bar

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